10 Ways to Motivate yourself to Clean the House

It all starts with small steps, the house is not organized in a moment’s notice. Stay focused and start by parts, the important thing is that every day you should do a little, step by step. Creating a schedule may be something very interesting. Set aside time in your schedule to do so, as a compromise, and establish a routine. One day you can grab the home cleaning tools and start changing your life for the better, after all no one is able to live well in a mess of a house.

Undo the mess! This is one of the most important steps, but also the most difficult one. See what’s in wardrobes and throw away, donate, separate for recycling all that you no longer use. To do this, take three boxes – one for storing, donating another and the third to waste – and separate everything that is played around the house (shoes in the room, toys in the hall …). Do it all at once. If you have children, involve them in activity, selecting toys that are not in use. This will change the energy of the environment. From there, determine where you will store your things according to the amount of time you use them and after that start using the home cleaning tools!

The tips will help you keep your house always shining!

1 – Arrange the bed up so you wonder that urge to go back to sleep and leave the room ready in just three minutes.

2 – Open the windows and let the house air out for at least an hour.

3 – Organize your sectors for cleaning supplies: put in a basket which is to clean the bathroom, in the kitchen the other stuff, the other in the living room and bedrooms, and so on. This way you will not be going back and forth to the laundry in search of what forgotten.

4 – Always Collect trash the bathrooms.

5 – Pass a brush and sanitize the toilet seat with a cloth soaked in a mixture of 50% water and 50% white vinegar, see why it is so important to have the right home cleaning tools.

6 – Every day throw away the newspapers of the previous day, even what you do not read on, for surely will not read more. And do not forget that there are online editions if you need to consult any item. So nothing to accumulate.

7 – Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink. If you have used something, wash time. Clean and tidy bed kitchen are synonymous house in order.

8 – Let baskets in the bathrooms to laundry and get used to put clothes there, and not on the bedroom floor. The best vacuum cleaners can help you clean the rest.

9 – What is used should be cleaned and stored. This simple rule of thumb will make all the difference in your home. Only this will end up with 90% of the mess. Remember: everything has its place, but they do not move on their own!

10 – Change bed linen and bath once a week and choose a day that does not have a lot of laundry. There is no use having the Best Mattresses and pillows if they are always dirty and a mess.

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