Best Cleaning Assistance To Your Tiles And Groud

Over time, the stone floors, porcelain tile, marble and ceramic can get dirty and grimy and that is why you need to have home cleaning tools. If you notice that the floor of your home does not have the same brightness as before and that some spots are starting to appear, it’s time to make a floor cleaning.

Check the products and most appropriate methods for treatment of floors, which will help keep your home clean and sanitized home. Before you begin cleaning, be sure to follow the instructions of each product and use them in a well ventilated area. Most floor cleaning products are very strong, so do not forget to wear gloves to protect your hands – having the right home cleaning tools is essential.

Floor cleaning

Before starting the floor treatment

Floor cleaning methods are different depending on the material it is made. But in all cases the cleaning begins the same way: pass a broom soft bristles and collect all the dust and dirt accumulated on the floor. Only then your floor may receive a treatment to remove stains and restore shine.

How to clean dirty floor?

In the market, there is a wide variety of floor cleaning products are excellent and will help you get the floor dirty. Read the package to find the most suitable product and follow the instructions. To avoid stains to remove, make sure the product is not very concentrated and avoid using products based on alcohol depending on the floor. Very strong disinfectants can open “pores” in the floor and facilitate the entry of dirt, complicating a nearby cleaning. And do not forget to wear gloves to protect your hands! More info here..

How to clean marble floor

The marble floors are beautiful and elegant, but require extra attention and just using best vacuum cleaners will not do. This material is very porous and has a high absorption capacity. So do not use very concentrated, corrosive or greasy products.

For the cleaning of marble floor, dissolve a small amount of coconut detergent in a container with 5 liters of water. Soak a clean cotton cloth in this solution and scrub the floor. Then rinse with a clean cloth dampened with water and dry thoroughly.

How to clean stone floor

The stone floors or slate is less porous than marble, but also does not support very concentrated products. Cleaning with water and a mild detergent is good enough. If you want to give an extra sparkle to the floor, add three tablespoons of white vinegar to the mix.

How to clean tile floors or porcelain

To take the floor stains from ceramic or porcelain tile, wipe with a cloth soaked in a mixture of one tablespoon of a degreaser that is Creamy to 5 liters of water. Rub the cloth on the floor, rinse with a clean damp cloth, then dry. For the bathroom floor, you can also use bathroom cleaners to disinfect and clean. Just make sure not to mix products. Rinse well and dry after.

The kitchen floor can be cleaned regularly with a degreaser, for their continued use prevents the appearance of spots and the accumulation of fat.

Floor Treatment

How to clean floor: Maintenance

It is a good idea to avoid silicone or wax or products because they create a layer on the ground that is difficult to remove. Also do not use abrasives to remove dirt; they can scratch your floor. Look sweep and clean the floor at least once a week to dust and renew the shine.

By following these tips, your floor will stay clean and looking new, as long as you have the right home cleaning tools.

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