Home cleaning tools to save you time and money

What would be of us modern women without the washing machine and cleaning products?

I knew that in around the corners around the world there are still women doing housework rudimentary and very, very laborious, but it is not the case, when you have the best home cleaning tools!

But everything has its price, especially the convenience to which we are so well accustomed and adapted. Having cleaners available in a supermarket shelf is expensive and consumes an amount of money would be enough with which to buy a nice pair of designer shoes. But with intelligence and moderation you can reduce, and the amount we spend on home cleaning tools.

Lesson 1: Change the habits! Every cleaning product should be measured or diluted before use. Even the dishwasher detergent can be measured in the same amount.

Lesson 2: Do not go buying all the new home cleaning tools. Some products are dispensable and replaceable by other equally effective and cheaper.

Lesson # 3: Only spend your money on a cleaner if it really solves your problem.

Home cleaning tools to save you time and money

Save in every detail you can!

If you love your pocket do not use laundry detergent to wash bathroom, sidewalks, kitchen. To remove the surfaces of washing powder you spend a lot of water, otherwise everything is blue, greasy, soapy and slippery.

Detergent that is neutral or coconut soap:

This is the real multi-purpose! You can:

  • Wash the bathroom,
  • Clear all types of floor
  • Clean kitchen cabinets and wardrobes
  • Clean utensils and appliances in stainless steel, microwave, refrigerator, appliances.


The use exaggerated forms a waterproof film on clothes. Many times towels are hard and can even go moldy if kept in the wardrobe for long.

Non-chlorine bleach:

The home cleaning tools in this family is the most famous and publicized. You can also visit this link: if you need to know more. You use 1 cup in the washing to remove stains and keep white clothes. To purify you have to leave to soak the product with hot water.

Furniture polish:

Apply It on the cloth amount corresponding area of 0.25 cents coin. This prevents overeating. Most peopleputs several jets directly on the mobile spending too much product.

Use 1 x per week

Do not use on wood furniture – the kind of demolition. The furniture polish leaves wet wood giving bad smell and may rot.

1 x per week buff metals (taps and records) with furniture polish. They are clean!


It makes no sense to play disinfectant into the water vessel even when you have the home cleaning tools – the first discharge it goes away and your money together. No sanitize anything!

Save: Use a spray bottle

Spray in drains, in Cuba and throughout the interior of the toilet after washing the bathroom.

Chlorine / Bleach:

Save: Make it efficient place in a spray bottle: 1 part chlorine or bleach water – 1 part water (half and half) and 50 grams of sodium bicarbonate

Spray on the bathroom walls and leave it for 15 minutes. Then scrub with a sponge green side and a little detergent. You will see that the limo and all the fat will you do without effort. Rinse and ready!

Tip: Do not make mixtures such as: washing powder + disinfectant chlorine in a bucket to wash bathroom. This mixture is inefficient and only makes you spend product. This is the best way to make the best out of your home cleaning tools!


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